Saturday, September 20, 2008

I had really good time in Norway. So many friends came to visit and made me feel so welcome again as I wouldn´t imagine I would.
I didn´t have time to visit everyone I would like to.
But was really happy to stay some days with Carolina and Jorn Erik. They were all the time doing everything to make me feel at home. They drove me so many times and made good food.
Marte came from Alesund to Oslo. It was amazing! Really missed my dear roomate from Hald!
Kay and Per and Stine visited many times! Me and Marte went to Stine´s to some ice cream, to Kay and Per´s to the breakfast and to Nina´s to dinner... Kay also organized a "Halds kveld". I loved to meet so many from Hald!
Also loved to go to the barbecue at kollektivet and then to CU. Again felt welcome by everyone!
Then, I had to leave for the conference I suppose to attend...
It was so different to go back with "brazilian eyes", without having perspectives to stay, no dreams, no home. At the end, I was so looking forward to come back home. Specially because I lost my grandfather some days after I traveled. I was also worry about my course and patients. And looking forward to meet Julia! So it was a mixed of good feeling...meeting people, missing people, enjoying time, being a tourist, missing Brazil...
I will try to post some pictures I got from Norway! =)

Thank you people!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Who would imagine I would come back now? Neither do I!
It´s over one year I left Noway, went back on 16 of June. It´s strange to be back...
Since this blog suppose to tell about my stay in Norway, I´ve decided to write in it again.
I arrived 2 days ago, around 6 p.m. Then, I came to Carol´s house. We talked a lot until 1:30 a.m. 
Next day, I slept a lot. Then, I met Anja. I went to her beautiful house, eat barbecue, went to her parent´s house - I´ve gone there one day after the Christmas Eve and it was really good! So it was nice to meet them again. Then we went to a Løppermarket and rented a move. We ate Taco and watched Women´s World - not so good movie, but we had lots of fun. Late in the night, we drove us to Carol´s home. 
Today I had a very nice day also. I´ve met Maren, we went to a cafe and talked a lot. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008

I´ve been writing just what I´m doing... but I was watching a movie "Before Sunset", which was recommended by many friends, because it´s just about a conversation recorded at once, and identified myself when she talked about her staying in Varsovia. I think it describes a bit what I felt in Norway and what I miss most, even knowing such feeling can´t last forever anywhere I live.

"In a couple of weeks something changed in me...This city was quite gloomy and gray...but after a while, my brain seemed clearer. I was writing more in my journal...ideas I´d never thought of before. It took me a while to figure out why I felt so different.

...I realized that I had spent the last two weeks away from most of my habits.

TV was in a language I didn´t understand. There was nothing to buy, no advertisement all I´d been doing was walk around, think and write.

My brain felt like it was at from the consuming frenzy. It was almost like a natural high. I felt so peaceful inside. No strange urge to be somewhere else, to shop...maybe it could have seemed like boredom at first...but it quickly became very soulful...It was know"

Monday, March 31, 2008

PROJETO NOVO MUNDO: Isabele, Jaqueline e Milena
D. Maria Passador
Today I went to visit this project "Vinde a mim os pequeninos". I got impressed with things I saw and heard. Things we usually say as a joke, we couldn´t say there and it was hard to be aware of that...
I suppose to teach them how to brush their teeth, but some of the children don´t have water or energy at their homes! But no one complained about those things...on contrary, we could see a joy in everything they did.
Impressing also was some vonlunteers working there, for example, D. Maria Passador, she is going every Saturday mornings for many years to teach them the Bible and make food. Now she is also helping this new project, cooking every day, without earning any money for that and paying to help the children. Another girl, is Ana Laura, she is just finished with her studies, she is a portuguese and english teacher. One of the most inteligent person I know and know spending lots of time at this place. Two other people working there are: Maraíza and Nega.
There are only 20 children until now, going every day and getting food and learning lots of new things. While I was there, many mothers came to ask if we could accept their kids, but there is not more place now. People who pass in front of the house, get impressed, it´s the most beautiful house in the neighborhood, maybe one of a few painted houses there.
Besides my specialization course in Sao Paulo twice in a week (which I´m afraid of...), now I´m teaching at this project one morning in a week...becoming more and less dentist at the same time....

Friday, March 28, 2008

I've never gone to so many weddings in my life in a short time!
I thought maybe it's because I've been in Norway for almost one year..and I'm glad so of them were waiting for me to come back! =) ...or maybe I'm just getting old! =(
Since I came back, I went to Leila and Andre's, then Luana and Reinaldo's (both from my church), Leticia e Branco (she was one of the most special friends I got in my ABU group), Laise and Thiago. This Saturday I'm going to Lilian and Lucas (from my church) and on May, I'm going to be the godmother (?) again at Daniel and Karina's wedding.
Laise and Daniel are my cousin from different sides. Laise lives in Tupa, a bit far from here, but I always used to go there to visit my grandparents (from my father) and stayed at her home...gossiping all night...Daniel, I met more times, he is so quiet, but one of the most patient and best persons I know!
I'm glad I can share this time with them!!! But hopefully, I will have less paties next semester! =)
Some of the pictures I got from them:
Luana e Reinaldo


Leticia e Branco

I think everyone cried at her wedding. First, the energy got over , the cerimony suppose to be outside and started raining. She was at the hair dresser crying a lot... after 1,5 hour everyone was desperate - believe, she is never late! We have some different points of view about the Christian faith, but I always presenced miracles with her... I think because of her faith and because of her prayer. Her pastor went to the hair dresser and they say, God told them they should hurry up to the cerimony and it didn't matter if it would be darker, because He is the Lord of the Light and would make a miracle to show her it would be the first miracle of many. So, she just obeyed and decided to come in the darkness...she was coming into the place and we couldn't see anything, when after few steps, the light was shining all the room. But the most beautiful part, was when her step father came into the church singing for her and telling us their story - I think just people who knew them well understood what was that about - the death of her father, the prayer of a little girl, the insistence to get adopted by him, the friendship and blessings between them. ..
Talita, Thiago, Laise, Andrei (Laise's brother)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I´ve been so bad to keep contact with people and also for update my blogg.
Part of that is Julia´s fault! hehehe. She takes a big part of my time.
I still think of you and Norway a lot...miss you all...remember each moment.
But have no energy to write, specially in English.
Today I went to Sao Paulo again. I´m going almost every week. Or for a meeting at ABU office or for study...I´m starting a new course next week and had to apply and make a test before getting in.
Today our meeting was to interview people who applied to go to Norway in the same exchange program I was in...such a hard decision! We don´t have an answer yet, there too many things to consider and think of, also to pray. Hope we will take the best choice.
By the way, she is the most beautiful and sweet baby, isn´t she?!